Jerry Jones is a Tool

Jerry Jones, a man who is so patriotic, he patriotically took tens of thousands of dollars from the military to honor the military, has decided to take a patriotic stand. Finally. Let’s take a look at some of what he had to say to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

First, I’m not sure how gutsy of a stand this really is. Considering, no Dallas player has kneeled during the National Anthem. It would be like me telling my kids, “if I catch you molesting the cat, no TV this weekend.” My kids (as far as I know) have not molested the cat and have never expressed any desire to molest the cat, so there’s that.

Second, as any person with a brain knows, these kneeling players are not protesting the flag and this has nothing to do with the military and their service. In fact, I always thought the “freedom” to protest was what the troops were fighting for. I didn’t realize all those brave men and women put their lives on the line just so when they returned home, citizens were forced to honor them for their sacrifice.

Sorry, got off track there. While I can’t speak for every kneeling player, Colin Kaepernick began to kneel to protest police brutality in a time when there were many high profile cases where police were killing unarmed black men and boys.

Good people can certainly debate the merits of how police us excessive force in the black community, but to turn this into a battle of patriotism is just cheap and a way to escape the real debate. Remember back in 2009, when the Tea Party showed up on the scene to protest President Obama? Those protests took place on the National Mall in front of the Washington Monument. Were these individuals disrespecting Washington. Were they protesting America? No. Just as Rosa Parks wasn’t protesting transportation and Gandhi wasn’t protesting food.

Again, yelling about how a person protests is just a cheap ploy to avoid discussing what the protest is about.

I just want to be clear. Jones said he was aware of this “rule” and told head coach Jason Garrett about it, yet he then said it was Trump who recently remind him of it?  Count me as confused.

Really? Come on, really? Jerry Jones can’t be that naive. He thought he would show some solidarity and boom, no more kneeling players across the NFL? Best yet, this just goes to show how much of a sham his show of solidarity really was.

What new questions did Mike Pence’s very expensive political stunt provoke? Nothing changed, except the Indianapolis newspapers’ headlines, which were all supposed to be about Peyton Manning. This is what I have to say about Pence. A good vice president, that wasn’t just looking to score a couple cheap political points, wouldn’t have just walked out with his condescending statement in hand.

A good vice president, who is looking to make this country truly great, would have walked out after the game and went down after the game and had a conversation with those kneeling players. I’m not saying it would have been a kombiah moment, but maybe he would have learned something. Perhaps there was something constructive he could taught those players. I don’t think racism in America would have ended right there in that locker room, but Pence claims to be a Christian first. My gut says many of those players would also identify as Christians. Isn’t there anything in the teachings of Jesus Christ that could have helped bring these folks together?

Wait, isn’t what Jones is doing a great example of not standing up to peer pressure? Jones hasn’t given two shits about the protesters. Agan, no Cowboy has kneeled. Yet, after a few phone calls from a President that seems to have nothing better to do with his time, Jones is now the first owner to publicly say he will punish protesters. Peer pressure…it’s a bitch.

Okay, this is where it really gets rich. Has Jones had his players’ backs? When they become criminals that break the law. Yep. When they do drugs? Hell yes. Think about this…The Dallas Cowboys have had players miss 106 games due to suspension since 2014. That’s nearly double the second most (Ravens: 55) and no, Jones is not the one suspending the players; that’s the NFL.

Dez Bryant was arrested for hitting his own mother, but he’s still playing. Zeke Elliot at the very least is guilty of pulling the top down on a woman during a parade, still out there. Josh Brent killed a teammate while drinking and driving, but he was allowed to play. He signed Pacman Jones. Come on, Pacman Jones! Go back and look at some of the arrest records from the Superbowl years and you’ll see a lot of arrested players’ backs in need of backing.

The best of course is that Jerry Jones, a man who doesn’t want to bring shame to the Dallas Cowboys, is the same man who gave $11 million to Greg Hardy, a man who brutally beat, choked and tossed around his girlfriend. While Hardy avoided prison, these were facts. We know it happened. Photos from that arrest, show a woman with bruises all over her body. Later, after getting signed by Jerry Jones, he made sexist comments in a post-game interview and tried to attack a coach on the sideline, yet Jones would call Hardy, a “great leader.”

If only Jerry respected his own marriage, like he does the flag, he wouldn’t end up on the New York Post with a pair of naked strippers, who would later accuse him of sexual assault.

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