Harvey Weinstein Can Rot in Hell

You know, when reports first came out via the NY Times that Harvey Weinstein was a serial sexual harasser, I thought I grasped it. I really did. The stories of these women were horrifying and I reacted with obvious disgust, but like so often when something bad gets filmed (police brutality, Ray Rice) or in this case, when there is audio, you come realize, man, I had no fucking clue.

After listening to the recorded audio by Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, I’m sickened. I mean, what a horrible human being Weinstein is. Just listening to the words vomit from his lips, “I’m telling you right now, get in here.” Ugh.

Listen to the whole thing, if you’re looking for inspiration to punch a person today.

What is so sad is how common this really is. Not just with Weinstein, who has settled cases with eight different women and now has been accused of actual rape by three others, but everywhere. Men with power believe they have earned it. Success = money = pussy. Hell, one doesn’t even have to be that successful. The d-bag who started Screen Junkies just got fired¬†after being accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Screen Junkies!

Harvey belongs in prison and his production company should be shut down. According to reports, his harassment was well known around the office. The board allowed this to continue for nearly two decades. No higher up in that company deserves a job after this.

Oddly enough, because Weinstein was a big time Democratic donor, one would expect the Republicans to have a field day with this. Some have tried, but really they can’t, because the President is a confessed pussy grabber, who openly admitted to walking into the dressing room to watch 15-year-old girls get undress. At least 12 different women have accused him of doing exactly what he bragged about doing to Billy Bush and let’s not forget about junior, who said if a woman is being harassed, no big deal, just change jobs.

Perhaps, Harvey Weinstein’s mistake was not running for President.

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