Predictions are like asses, everyone has one and they typically stink. On ESPN Selection show, three of the four “experts” predicted a Duke-North Carolina title game. First, if that really does happen, I’m taking it as a true sign of the apocalypse. If you’re not a fan of either school, that matchup certainly would make you feel like you are “trapped in a cycle of suffering.”

When it comes to making projections, if you have a crippling gambling addiction like me, that cost you your wife and child, then the smart money says to go chalk. Upsets happen, yes. Our ability to predict them, not so much. On the CBS selection show on Sunday, Seth Davis nearly declared victory for all the 12-13-14 seeds in the tournament. Now you can run with that and see where it takes you.

Anyhow, here are Big Shirtless Rob’s worthless predictions for the 2017 NCAA Tournament:

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